Friday, January 17, 2014


Is Indian politics today more personality oriented than it ever was, surely not, it has endured slogans of Indira is India, but the ballyhoo aroused after Modi’s advent on the national political scene is interesting, if you will notice Modi has been the most talked about and well known face since Gujrat Riots but his second innings and more decisive one begin with the debacle of Advani in 2009 elections. Afterwards while the clamor of corruption and mis-governance was taking rounds of media and streets a grand vacuum was created which couldn’t be filled by any BJP leader, so Modi took the onus and not as thoroughfare  but after mellowing all the visible dissent in the party which include his mentor and savior Advani. In his report card he has the performance of Gujrat government, Gujrat has won many awards from various agencies both international and national, an intelligent branding strategy of the brand Gujrat has proved to be redeeming for Modi himself, the corporate friendly image of Modi attracted industries and helped Modi won their support in long run, the strategy of Mr. Modi could be easily structured from this. Perhaps there are some intelligent people who design the moves of Modi, augmented by his own excellent managerial and organizational skills. But the Ghost of Gujrat riots is never going to leave him, not because he perpetrated them or not, but because he used them to their fullest potential to establish himself as a hardliner rightist mascot. Had the riots have not taken place Modi would not have been where he is today, his core constituency of supporters like him because he represents a Modi whom liberals and Seculars dislike, some people accept him because they feel it redundant to always see Modi through his past mistakes and are ready to ignore his past misdemeanors in this leaderless vacuum in the country. Today whole BJP is rallying behind him which was unthinkable when some time back we hear of numerous power centres in BJP moving around Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj etc. So Modi cautiously moved his feet’s since he found this space and today earned loyalty of party cadres and some of its previously second line and all of third line leaders.