Saturday, December 28, 2013


The media catchy oath ceremony of an aam aadmi was enough to feel myself empowered, but it also raised some pertinent questions, or doubts, which reckoned numerous manifestations of this process. Provoked by this never before event in politics, at least from the time I am witnessing politics, the time when I grew as a pensive political observer saw politics stooping down with every passing day, it was the time when obituary of single party governments was written and the resultant mishmash created uncertainties to the level of anarchy. The liberalization of 90’s went well with politico-capitalist nexus and culminated into gargantuan edifice of crony capitalism whose acme we all saw in 2G, COMMONWEALTH, ADARSH, COAL BLOCK ALLOCATION, to enlist a conspicuous few of numerous latent many. All this made common man believe and feel the stink of our rotting system, the self obsessed established parties who were busy liaison the rights and dues of common man with handful of oligarchs never bothered to look around and see what they are doing, they didn’t saw the awareness the new Indian gaining, which is enough to see through their misdemeanors. All this disillusioned the common man; this created a political vacuum the vacuum which represents a constituency which was ignored or at least taken for granted, the constituency which felt how their future is being obliterated in the ominous power and money fetish of our representatives, which felt their voices going unheard repeatedly. This constituency needed a voice; a face which I am not sure could sustain the demands of conventional politics but could send a message to those practicing politics that if you can’t hear us there we are competent enough to replace you there and we will keep doing that until you change yourself.

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