Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When i woke up this morning my head was aching, now it has almost become a routine. a decade has passed since such turmoils started with me. this strange vacillation of  mood  has become a part of me so much that i rarely feel it like something strange is happening with me. I often assuaged my self with probable reasons for this void which keeps on changing its size though i could not persuade myself with a strong reason as why should life trifle with an innocuous being like me. I see lives of people and couldn't resist the comparison and not to say grass is always greener on the other side well that's an self evident adage. This habit of mine often ask for amendments in my thinking pattern to focus more on the positive side of me and life. Life is an unanswered question tempting people since eternity or since the times human thinking faculties became mature enough to think in such self aware terms. This incessant urge to see life as question can either simplify your woes or make them more perplexed and the endeavors mostly end up with the later results. Why cant life be seen as a song whose notes are playing across the spectrum of our lives why cant life be a dance whose rhythm is reflecting itself in the swings of our life, why cant life be a poetry which is singing the ecstasy of being. life is a big playground which offers us space according to our courage to either sit on the side or to go and play in the middle. so much could be said and interpreted of life, but life is to open closets of our heart not necessarily with same meaning for every individual but different meanings for each one of you according to your tastes and if Life is parched soil waiting for rains, when the showers arrive we mustn't hide ourselves or protect ourselves but we must dance in the rains.

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