Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Brief Encounter With Cupid!

This is a story which was latent in some corner of my memories till i cajoled the story teller in me to give it a shape, the shape in which it couldn't actually happen, but what's the use of imagination if you cant for a moment drown yourself in the possibilities your dreams.

She was plump and vivacious, from the day she arrived in our class i could hardly think anything but her, the flights of my imagination took her to the every nook and corner of where my heart has not yet accommodated anybody,as she became center of my universe the days became brighter and more beautiful. demeanor of her was enchanting all my senses to the brim, the way she walked the way she talked often left me gasping for more. The moments when she was present around the whole ambiance comes in an upbeat mood, every face every object became the part of that celebration. things went on like this, the curiosity to know her was overgrowing the already diminishing knack for physics or mathematics which would not have taken me anywhere but a sink hole of my academics.I was never good at academics but now i had the alibi to prove my innocence on charges of under-performance at least to myself. The time went on, the temptations, the fascinations kept grounding me and adding dimensions to the probabilities of my future, she remained indifferent and how else she could have sensed it but a confession from me, she went away unaware of any such song whose symphony has been flowing out of her. The final exams took place and it was the last exam when i last saw her.

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