Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are You Listening?

That’s how the fate
Has designed it for me,
I would spend myself
More than I could afford
Would my dark carnal desires
 not see thy light

My heart brimming with love
Would not get someone
 worth a sip of it
My dreams would 
no longer be wet
But dry as desert
No hand to hold
No eyes to look into
The conflict of biology,
Sociology & psychology
Might never have been so conspicuous

I could hardly place
Where I am heading to
But this is me who has
Chosen this uncertainty for me

Certainty and surety was
 Never my cup of tea
I wanted to explore the
Unknown because it has
No limits to set your eyes to

My inherent detest for
Being part of the crowd
proved too expensive a propensity
To be earnest about

I could write like Milton
Though I seldom used that prodigy
My paradise was too often
Lost and found
But I could hardly see
What I was fooling around

My insanity was sacred to me
Somehow it was the only evidence
I had for ascertaining that
I am alive

To conform to established
My soul cried it foul
So I created
A path of my own
Which was rather a maze
Whose beginning and end
were hard to find

I cried in solitude
But I rejoiced it too
Because it is only here
That I can listen myself
most clearly
where my doubts were as
tangible as their answers

what I was seeking
was a connoisseur
of my quintessence
not some altruist
who would console
my despondence,
but who could
rejoice this pain of anonymity
with me
a pervert who could taste
elixir in this pain

I am waiting for thee
This may take eternity
But all my hopes are
as adamant
As my doubts
Not ready to die
Are you listening?
I hope you are!