Sunday, June 23, 2013

a perspective

This is after gap of around a year that I have sat with the keyboard although this period has seen an intermittent penning down of my thoughts sometimes voluntarily and sometimes compulsively as to keep along with the habit of writing as it improves with practice, and practice need focus and patience. So much passed through the lanes and by lanes of time there was a vigorous churning of world social and political systems the quest for change initiated from Tunisia and then spread like fire in Arab world and elsewhere is right now at its pinnacle in Turkey and Brazil, the earlier uprisings went to hindsight but not extinguished and provoked the various political establishments to check out various reform options which could address the various issues which were at the helm of these uprisings but this sequence of events made me reach a conclusion that establishments yield but not by freewill rather they have to be continuously pushed to the levels of desperation to make them do so. A crucial event which took place in India was anointing of
Narendra Modi to lead BJP in 2014 General Elections and later sequence of events culminated in the much anticipated break up of BJP and JDU. My views on Modi resonate the views of JDU but on a different plane Modi has proven himself a good leader and good manager he effectively promoted himself and Gujrat as a brand and he did some good work too but he knows that good work is not sufficient it needs to be promoted exponentially through various channels to make people take notice of it. Other than that he will surely make this country more effectively governed, but his persona and demeanor are prejudiced, totalitarian and polarizing, I also doubt his very idea of inclusiveness, value of human life, human dignity and much has seen in the very experiment through which he established himself in Gujrat.