Saturday, October 13, 2012


The instability sired by anti corruption movement is not settling down, politics has become a hotpot of scams, every day I wake up to hear two or three scams surfacing in politico-corporate arena, they have become popcorns as one sprouts every now and then.
If we look at density and intensity of scams and misappropriations there has never been a more fertile moment. Out of sudden whole system has become like an edifice where windows which were closed for decades have been broken by a wind, and everyone can now peep inside and point out anomalies. I wonder if politicians are any less surprised than us the shocks they are facing everyday on their credibility as a class and on their personal image are disparaging, but to my wonder they don’t seem that worried, probably they have come in a mode of defiant confrontation where they want to clear that things will move the way they are, better you people learn to accept them. Neither are they much worried about their electoral prospects as they know they will never face a situation where people will be able to exercise a better option as the whole political system is homogeneous with some anomalies whom we called public oriented politicians.
                                                                             Politics cant be seen in disconnect from society, but true democracy will always be a dream watching the crony capitalism and class divide which eludes its prospects, even their can be debate on whether a complete democracy will be workable as conundrum of so many voices will lead to indecisiveness but if wisdom can be instilled in participants their can be a ray of hope, as for now the democracy we are living in is in its most rudimentary form, democracy cant be improved upside down, neither can it totally depend on nourishing and treating roots, like plants it’s a two way process prune unwanted stems which are dead and ill and provide space for air light for proper growth, spray for pest control and in the roots provide more manure and loose the mud for aeration, similarly our socio-political system needs two way treatment to put the democracy in order.
                                                                                                    Democracy is not an end but a process that keeps refining itself toward greater inclusiveness and this inclusiveness only brings meaning if the participation is a informed one, in that case more a democracy perpetuates more speedily it includes the participants at required level, another view under study is that whether majority opinion is always right, or is it the perquisite of democracy to act as per majority opinion, as majority interest is not always concordant but perhaps that onus for error of judgment will lie on people.
Democracy is also a stage for continuous debate amongst various stakeholders. We have seen how confronting interests often evade unanimity like what happened in Cauvery water dispute which repeatedly comes out of box in dry periods between tamilnadu and karnataka and how politicians overplay the sentiments of people is nothing new. There comes the issue of federalism, how federalism has evolved with states carved on linguistic basis, how regional discrepancies have entered in , how national perspective has often been evaded, why regional issues are so disconnected with regional issues and why these issues are not being properly addressed by constitutional mechanism, why  the local leadership became so defiant to the decisions of central government, the tags of parties should be left once the governments choose to represent the nation, this is where the govt has failed to induce a national trust on their neutrality.

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