Sunday, September 2, 2012


I was following Anna Hazare since the inception of his movement against corruption, at beginning it was energizing to see Anna Hazare moving with his lieutenants Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran bedi as if finally someone has shown the exemplary courage to ask question to this mighty citadel of power which has been constructed by people of India by their 70 crore votes. This symbol of our democratic might accommodates some 800 odd people constituting the House of Commons and the council of states. Both these institutions bear the burden of hopes and aspirations, and voice and opinions of 1.2 billion Indians.
                                                                                                            The attempt of team Anna, which they synonymously called the attempt of common people to root out corruption from system was worth adulations and the valor of those people who stood affront the power of whole system just on the backing of common voices who shouted in chorus Jai Parkash Narayans ‘sinhasan khali karo ke janta aati hai’ and often quoted in television debates throughout this movement Ram manohar lohiyas ‘zinda kaume paanch saal intezaar nahi karti”
                        The movement finally bid adieu to the method of approaching popular support by medium of fasts and satyagrahs as these tools become hackneyed by continuously depleting visible support for the movement, but why? Perhaps common man doesn’t appear on street without any evident hope for a clear outcome of his cry which he is going to echo with leaders of the movement, and as the movement become stretched and the basic issue of lokpal for which this agitation begun seem not pulling carpet from beneath the feet’s of the echelons of power he felt it better rather to sit at his home and watch it on TV.
                                             Now that team Anna has been disbanded and Arvind Kejriwal contemplating a political alternative to make his voice heard, the step which is seen as a constructive turn for the movement by some and a collapse of the movement by other more skeptic voices. All these developments made it clear that such change need a long movement which should address not only selective issues but must take a holistic stand on the problem for which it is seeking a solution, it needs a vision, a long gestation period and patience worth such vision, which was somehow lacking in the movement Arvind looks impatient, which obviously is an insignia of common man restiveness so does Kiran bedi and rest of the leaders but movement needs a leader which could think like masses, represent them but could see beyond them and even beyond the sight of people whom they are fighting against.

On a positive note this was a movement which gave hope to people that things can change what they need is to constructively raise their voices not only against Ministers in Delhi but against their patwaris, babus and every person whom they found corrupt in their vicinity, they have to be actively and constructively political and should make an environment that being political should no more be equated to an abuse but as a active participation in the policymaking for ones locality, State or Nation with a awareness which no so called political party or leader can think of defying or ignoring.

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