Monday, June 11, 2012


It was a small village, on the heights of shivalik, just a view of it fills you with unparalleled bliss and freshness, the lush green vales, fresh water brooks flowing through its heartland like pattern of fabric, the gushes of fresh wind from all sides fill you with ecstasy.The mornings were cool and soothing, inviting every bit of you to submerge yourself into that great festivity of dew drops and chirping birds, of a mist which prevail all the existence at that time. It was like a song sung by the whole existence on the symphony of an invisible force, which was dancing in everything over the place.

            While indulged in this grand celebration which was happening around me all the times, I thought of so many things at the same moment, my inquisitiveness has took me to the unanswered question of the life, who am I? I knew it can’t be answered by anyone neither can it be framed in words. It was as sages and explorers who have been in search of this most fundamental question of human existence hinted the seekers from time to time, because they cant give anything more than that, they briefed what they have experience out of affection.

 Though I am lonely but something accompanies me all the times, which can’t be expressed into words, which can neither be tamed, which elopes in a moment, but which is a serenity which encompasses all the universe into its aura, which questions your answers in a language which is not of humans, which is the language of silence, a silence which doesn’t pretend doesn’t digress but speak unequivocally, but to hear it you need a quality which has to be explored from inside you, which is pristine, unconditional acceptance of everything that you see and experience, burning all your prejudices and past knowledge.

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