Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The road was steep and curvy, you can see a few hundred feets valley from its corner, and I was trying to adjudge my level of valor by standing at its corner and staring at that gasping depth. I was new at place and busy exploring it to its fullest as I was walking across the road suddenly someone appeared on the way, she was a girl with heap of grass on her head which she has brought from the forest to feed the cattle, rearing cattle is still the main occupation here as every second person was busy pruning leaves or cutting grass from the precipitous rocks over the mountains, some were taking there cattle back to their sheds after a day full of grazing, everything was rustic to its core, I was in love with everything here except the level of hygiene, which I guess is somewhat difficult to maintain with farming cattle rearing and when all the day of yours pass enmeshed in mud and animals waste. Though whatever the reason may be it was hard for me to get comfortable with it, which was a part of life here.

                                                                                                In few days from now it would be a year since I first arrived here full of bewilderment and obviously some fear of unknown with gently passed with every single day I spent here, to make it a much sought after place of mine. Though it may not sound very interesting but it was a dream of mine to always be at such place which would be surrounded by lofty mountains from all sides where a cool breeze flows day and night, people are so na├»ve and simple, when one gets fed up of the lives of towns and cities where living becomes like a job and routine, there is nothing which can take you into your moments of ecstasy and amusement, and the things become even more enchanting when you are here for a job which you like the most which gives you the maximum space to express the real you. It can be said a perfect place for regaining your physical and mental powers which become depleted in mundane life of cities.
                                                                       This places provides a space forholistic purview of life in your conscious, it brings you closer to yourself, it abridges the distance which was widening in neglect of some most important aspects of yours i.e. your emotional and spiritual well being. Away from world where every one is busy in a rat race to garner more power, resources and fame, using the world satisfaction may sound blasphemous in the today’s world of cut throat competition as accordingto modern view of human efficiency, the competitions refines human skills and improves his efficiency, but without limits it just limits man to his hackneyed portrayal as a part of society, by his assets and bank balance by his achievements where he has succeeded to score over others, that is all what make today’s man special, an achiever, someone who is looked in society as a paradigm of accomplishment. There may be arguments and counterarguments their may be ideas which may be antithetical to this very idea, but I guess this is the only thought which gives space to everyone in this universe to create a special place for himself, where life is put above the material, where love is put above the relations of suitability which are becoming frail and self centered with passing time, the race for big GDP’S, big stock market indexes, for bigger exports and imports on the pretext of making human life better surely needs a review, that’s how I see life which doesn’t differentiate, with its arms wide open to give everyone the immense love and affection beyond the measure of qualities or limitations which it has imparted to various the life forms, where life sings a symphony of mutual coexistence under the sky of ubiquitous love and affection.

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