Tuesday, June 12, 2012


If we gaze around us today, what we will find is totally opposite of what we were expecting from present time 4 or 5 years back. If we see these issues from shallowness there would be many reasons which can be annexed to the present fiasco, but a little deeper look into the issue will reveal the much needed reason for what is happening to India today. All our leaders today are drowned in the pool of corruption with no sense in the arguments they make to either defend them or the govt of the day,the much vocal denial mode of PMO, and all ministers smacks of arrogance and scruplelessness which has been till now concealed beneath the smugness of power and impunity, now they have rather become offensive with grotesque allegations on all those who are questioning their integrity even with valid proofs, not only this today Finance minister denied the standard and poor rating, though I am not a supporter of such rating as benchmark for measuring economic conditions as do the sensitive index of BSE or NSE, the sensitivity of whom has stopped creating the furor over the immediate economic health of nation but the habbit in question is of denial.
It seems as those who were accountable to take the nation out of such circumstances are rather facilitating the proliferation same for the reason best known to them, the HRD minister is under the spell of his own unmanageable whims, he is in such an intense experimental mode that his playfulness has become a horror show for all those who are concerned with our education, no doubt I was an admirer of some of the bold steps he initially took which were pending for long time under the previous octogenarian minister. Though the fear I experience flows through the sensibility of all those who care for the numbered institutions of excellence which have made this nation intellectually rich and internationally proud, it is not that they don’t need improvement but throwing them to a ditch will surely hurt any sensible person in this nation
Ergo all these problems are symptoms of a more chronic disease which we as a nation have not faced in such proportions, that is we are leaderless today, we have ministers, we have a misfit prime minister, we have a govt with not so comfortable majority, but quite manageable and much better than UPA1,but no leader, i wonder i envisaged Mr Manmohan Singh as a worth leader when he stood for indo-US nuclear deal, but things have changed today the same me questions this man and his conscience and scruple, despite of his unquestionable image as the harbinger of economic reforms which he catapulted to take nation out of much severe economic crisis than we are in today, I guess the history is repeating itself but from an opposite side, now the same man seems to be the one drowning us into an economic quagmire for the reasons best known to him or to the fellows who control him, he don’t looks like a free man, he may pretend so by his body language, but it is not hard to catch him. Whole media is apprehensive about him; he is loosing his hard earned reputation from a man known for his ardor and impeccable intellect who had a spotless career as a distinguished academician, a much sought economist, a man whom every young Indian once looked upon for inspiration. Where is that man, lost, slept or imprisoned……………….only time will tell but nation needs a quick answer to it.

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