Sunday, June 10, 2012


Anna Hazare and Ramdev both have seen respective precipitous rise and fall of their movements, Ramdev due to his mistimed and fear mongered elopement from the ram Lila ground and Anna because of an premature impetuous which they tried to put an additional pressure on government before passing of lokpal, under apprehension of an lame bill being passed by the parliament on the pretext of fulfilling the popular demand. As far as the duo movements are concerned, both have different demands and agendas, Ramdev focuses on bringing back black money which according to him is around 400 lakh crores, team Anna on their side demand a strong anti corruption law in form of an independent ombudsman free of all form of executive interference.
Both the people are moving forward with good intention with Ramdev having rightist agenda to claim the lost superiority of India, while Anna is a team of some independent NGO’S who have come together to fight against the unchecked corruption becoming more and more prevalent at the higher echelons of power.
  What seems from past experience of the movement is that team Anna somewhat diluted their case with demanding too much at same time, despite of all their demands have very genuine basis, while Ramdev smells of hefty ambitions along with a nationalist agenda of rebuilding the ailing nation but he has no clear cut agenda as to how will he change the system. On the other side Anna doesn’t have any such personal agenda he simply wants to prune the diseased parts of this tree by means of popular pressure, now will the establishment succumb to or not is yet to see, will the movement gain its lost momentum is also worth presumptions.
The present situation is very intriguing, government is adamant on not to decentralizing their powers and involving the opinion of a common man in the process of law making. A deadlock has formed between government and those demanding the laws for obvious question it raises on the people in government and even in parliament; the main opposition party has lost an opportunity from its hand. The good thing is that govt has not yet opened the chain of its dirty trick department; perhaps it would have not felt the need considering the slump in the active support to the movement. At the end again the question which still stands tall in front of us is that -
Can laws do everything, can fear of prosecution give us what we really want from our citizens, all our laws fail on ground because they have to be implemented through people, and our people are morally sick from disease called egoism, what sickens them is the ongoing system and it has not been built in a day, systems are build and modified with generations, education is the core of rejuvenating system with new possibilities, creating a class of people which will take place of outgoing generation which was adapted to past system of inefficiency and corruption. Lokpal will obviously be a good step to begin with but team Anna should also put forward the idea of a bigger moral ethical overhaul which is the need of the time.

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