Thursday, May 3, 2012


The island of bliss has a morning of its own kind, full of freshness, dancing flowers in the cool soul sizzling wind of morning, the petals embellished with dew and the new rays of dawn replicating them through these drops into myriad soothing rays of hope and zeal, the birds dont have sense of time may be for we humans a new morning still carries with it what happened yesterday and numerous  good and bad experiences but for them they are born anew, birds may carry the lessons of past but never the baggage of infinite longings which we take with us throughout our life so it was not just a new day for them, it is a new life and with a joy for this novelity they start singing the wecome songs for thanks to that unfathomable idea which the blissed( residents of the island) called ismo.
                                    Ismo was for them an all pervading joy and celebration which is dancing throughout the universe on a celestial tone which only blessed ones can hear, it was not a god in conventional sense which could be synonymed as allmighty, they said might is not the property of ismo, he cant be measured in might, only fools do it, he is beyond human parameters of might and feebleness, powers and miracles, he is a miracle, and whole existence is a part of that unity which the blissed assigned to him.
                                                                                                   so as soon the sun came to peep in through the vastness of sky in that red aura the whole ambience felt blessed with those rays of lights, blissed wake up before sun to see it assigning its grandness to the earth, to give a meaning to the life, to see the dance of flowers and fluttering of wings who have started measuring the sky with flights of perfection.
   This dance of wholeness became a part of island of bliss the cool morning breeze of sea enthralling each soul with the freshness it has been imbibed with, augmenting the joy and bestowing the life a new energy and momentum with energy which could not be measured in conventional terms. With this energy the Islanders woke up and began their work, they bowed to the earth and thanked every one who plays a part in their life, the sun the earth, the fire, the sky, their fellow human beings, and wished the happiness for all the universe.