Monday, April 16, 2012


The recent episode of srk detention which was a recurrence in a chain of similar events which took place in  recent past, the accused was a person with a Muslim sir name, this has multiple dimensions assigned to it by the sheer perversity of the act which otherwise is quite a normal one if we consider airport operation and the extra consciousness which Americans took post 9/11 with Muslim moving too and fro from America,
                                If we look it as a security issue its quite OK, but if light is projected from politico strategic angle its a deep agony faced by Muslims across the world as they are stereotyped as intolerant to other religions, yes their religions taught them so, should the religion be re construed, perhaps it should have been but has America left a room for that,
             They sired osama and breastfed Taliban during cold war era to contain soviet influence, they did the same nonsense again in Iraq, and finally have to kill their own creation, Iran is being repeatedly threatened,  has America not been preoccupied in Iraq and Kabul Iran would perhaps have beeen redeemed by now. what all this has given them is an image of a international dictator who has indulged himself in so many nooks and corners of world that it has gone astray over what it wants oil, a whiff of military superiority across the globe, a space for new economic adventures, for me all this brings it to a sheer predicament which it is facing because of its wrong actions and when it wakes up to correct them it does another blunder, their is no one who can question and reproach such actions, this has led to a sense of repugnance in mind of every Muslim and had made them more adamant and resistive to any change in their religious outlook towards a more liberal and forward looking interpretation.
                                          The second dimension the more trivial one is the hullabaloo which has been created on srk detention is sheer nonsense, stars are special because they live a dream life( acc to our perception) they sells dreams they live our unlived moments for us. we don't want that aura to be spoiled which we have presumed around them, but we should give some space to reality too and at the end of the day any such detention doesn't give space for any ruckus about the dignity of nation as it is far beyond us mortal individuals, there may be a symbolic impact of such actions but it should be negotiated diplomatically.

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