Saturday, April 21, 2012


Nations are not a lot different from individuals, Nation is a collectivity of individuals with varying views opinions talents, limitations culminating into a unity. Individuals too are sum of mutually contradictory traits of altruism and meanness of integrity and slackness, this duality and resultant non duality are the shades of every aspect of existence spread across infinite. the important difference is that nations are non-permanent because the socio political fabric of such identities, of these units keep evolving towards either a greater unity if all goes well and towards a Latent fragmentation if the social, religious and political and economic cohesiveness is not evolving toward a greter unifying force in terms of satisfaction with one's relations with the other organs of that entity.                                                                                      
         The earlier half of 20th century Europe saw much designing and redesigning of its political map and the two wars which showed the stress long smothering their souls, where today we see them as a common geopolitical unit in terms of economic and cultural influences and policies. How do they evolved after the destrucitve wars and the lessons learned from it went well with most of them. Desrution and vengeance gave way to the fact that only mutual cooperation can take this region forward and also the units which it is composed of.
                      Indian subcontinent is a similar geopolitical unit though not exactly, Many analysts have tried to inspire and envisaged a similar future for the subcontinent too but there is a sense of mistrust embedded into  its history placenta which puts a big question mark even before someone try to give impetuous to this idea, secondly europe was always capital rich which they have churned out of their imperialist escapades where as indian subcontinent earnestly needs a huge amount of capital to take the economic considerations to overwhelm the historical repugnaence and mistrust and much more than anything a forward looking leadership which has somewhere been trampeled under the feets of jingoists cum fear mongrers, such people put the question mark on the cost of the failure of any such endeavour in terms responsibility for the heavy cost of any breach of trust of the ilk of kargil war of 1999 and more or less in chinese war of 1962 which was not in the books of any of our peace Loving statesmen. Depite of any such misgiving such efforts are inevitable to bring indian subcontinent out of the stagnant pace of our mutual cohesion with our neighbours and thus towards the place we deserve as a unit on international plateforms and the reverence with which our opinion will be heard in international matters including securing a permanent seat in security council.

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