Monday, April 16, 2012


Mamta has shown that she is a fighter, but the wrong thing is that she starts fighting over everything Thanks to her statesman like patience. Ousting reds from bengal was not an easy task even after such a long rule and the way they were continuously defying the anti incumbency factor all these years and this is not an exaggeration as the Bengal is the only state which saw land reforms applied in its true sense unaffected by the political footsie of the respective governments with zamidars as in  other part of the country, and west bengal was also the first one to come under clutches of british and see days of permanent settlement or the intial woeful days of zamindari which sweeped it of its capital.


but something which again need attention is the financial and socio economic conditions under which the the communists left bengal to trinmool, big debt, financial ills, unsolved issues of SEZ doesn't hints towards their wisdom and management of state affairs all these years, their hangover of primitive communism takes them backwards on the larger issues of development which neede an liberal outlook of economy and a middleway to sort out its finacially incomprehensible situation, because we all need patience to see things walk on their feet, we cant carry them on our shoulders  infinitely( which applies to social sector schemes of UPA-2 too) and history has shown that ideologies work like silk worms, excess of ideological polarisation finally leads to their death in their own cocoon.

Mamta di sounds very innocent, her recent antagonism for congress is the very issue which Laid the Foundation of Trinmool and that flows alongside her warm meetings with selected congressis, congress may be a diminutive proposition in Bengal but it is politically most manipulative of all the political groups which it owes to its long history of political overtures, Immaturity cant fight experience however energetic it may be. congress knows the demenour of Mamta and it knows where to hit her, she may stumble their FDI in retail, stands in the way of Petrol price hike, or fire her own minister for railway fare hike, all  this( specially the last issue) shows her restiveness and political immaturity. her latest stint with a cartoon of hers based on satyajit ray movie and banning english newspapers in state libraries gives us a hint of the nightmares she is getting from congress and communists and all these actions which may seem impromptu are carefully culled out of her fiery persona by her political rivals.

                                                            Mamta's Narsicism needs a special mention here, her arrogance according to her supporters is justified as she has won overwhelmingly in recent assembly elections, and she has every right to treat herself and project herself as a cult and any satire on this cult would be treated as an act of blasphemy. she wants to send a chill down the spine of everyone who is her critic, but by this act she has turned her numerous admirers into her critics, if she continue such miscalculation, communists and congress can relax silently and wait for her fall.

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