Thursday, April 19, 2012


The madness which justice Katju repeatedly allude to media, centers around a sport, and his reasons certainly seem valid considering the long haul of miserable failures India portrayed in other sports though initially barring hockey which too has fell into the same chasm in recent years(recently there have been intermittent successes which fall far below even a level of superficial smugness). And it is not media which is serving the cricket ruthlessly to its audience but it is monetising endeavour of this madness which made failed businessman like Modi to make its shorter version the brainchild of his money churning enterprise IPL.
                                                It is not that to passionately following a game is a bad thing, but to just make out of it an obscenely passive mode of entertainment and going out of way to pursue your liking for it whether it may be a 74 match tournament stretched across 2 months, now this is excess, the meagerness of a thing is one of the most important factor which adds to its taste and excess makes it tasteless and the same is happening here and no running around from the fact that we have reared cricket as a delicious dish since the 84 world cup win and if served judiciously it is definately an exotic dish and worth spending some money too.
                            It is said that cricket is a religion in India and some players are even put on the pedestal of godhood, though this anomaly has even occurred with some bollywood stars and many politicians. throughout my writings I have been an ardent opposer of this person worship leaving behind ideas, morals principals and ethics in the dust of anonymity, I think we always choose for the easier way don’t be like them don’t even try just make them deities and let them carry all what you are either ought to do or altest consider as your duty toward society and nation
                                                                           question which arises alongside is that is bollywood cricket useless as they are just an entertainment industry without anything productive, to my surprise no economist or sociologist had ever taken the pain to find out what does oue economic growth or development owes to increase in productivity as they directly dont play any role there, entertainment may be an opium as marx said of masses which keep there attention deviated from the real big issues of inequality spread across the society, or perhaps entertainment is a soothing agent for mind fatigued by routine and menial repitition.
questions are many, which we often shrugg maybe because we dont want to see them perhaps this matrix is far subtle than the one depicted in the movie and reality is not that beautiful so that we will cuddle in instantly shredding all our inhibitions.

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