Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am drunk with you
dipped in you
i often forget who i am
my feets walk a path
which i never thought of
i wiggle like a tipsy image
draping my reason
to completely imbibe you
accompanied by you
i discover this life
as a prized possesion
where each breath
is bestowed with your

Saturday, February 11, 2012

how to say, what i feel

how should i express myself
all words fell short
words are never a medium
to say what you feel
because they never actually say
they give a haze
a liberty to the listener
to perceive what he wants
out of what you say
so i thought what else
music, painting or other
multifarious art forms
no non of them
it is just a sense
of love of empathy
of an ephemeral feeling
of oneness which prevails.
where the difference you and
me vanishes, only than true
message can be said
and heard beyond the words
said by heart, recepted by heart.