Monday, January 16, 2012


causes often left behind, frail away with time
institutions however divine, always kept behind
mad about individuals, servile in subconscious
when will we break this jinx?

Be it anaa hazare, sachin tendulkar, rahul gandhi or Atal bihari vajpayee some prominent ones among many more of the like. we as a nation are obsessed with people rather than institutions, causes or ideas. the recent fiaso of indian cricket team in autralia and all our heroes or gods getting failed one after another and mad obsession with hundredth hundred of master blaster and the failure of team on every aspect, i totally agree with justice Katju on what our media is serving us with tantriks, jyotish cheap scandals and cricket, the question is how does this nonsense help our nation to grow, lukewarm response of people to anti corruption movement, failure of BJP on national front after A B Vajpayee. I will blame our hero worship for all this but the question is  where did we got this infection from? Thousand long year of servility by invaders who ruled us acc to the best of their whims. or our religious ideology which told us to be happy in whatever conditions we are and we eshewed all our efforts to come out of it to break this myth of content?   but this can't be whole truth, we as a society were always fragmented amongst ourselves, invaders never have to make special strategies to subdue us, what was required was already inherent in our society, if we look at Britishers political maturity that kept monarchy as an institution but real monarchy or monarchy from their psyche was died long back . what they kept was an institution to rever their historical belongings which they connected to as a source of their grandness and to maintain structural firmities. but all this was possible because they were awake to their social realities and not under a slumber which could have been a leftover of their weaknesses of the past. or for that case take America, their policies are made by voters for instance when a hawkish rightist bush didn't fit the scene any more or for the case republicans they made a historical change by choosing the first black president who was a Democrat(liberal), can we Indians ever afford a Muslim prime minister, no because it didn't suit our political equations, these equations are not made by political parties which we curse for every infirmity of ours, rather they are intertwined in our psyche, may be a gift nourished by the Britishers(whom we fire with salvos for every failure of ours having its root in our historical traditions) unless we get out of this quagmire of fetish for individuals and take the responsibility of our nation as whole, control our population, raise our educational standards (not only literacy rates) ,unlessthe growth and enviornment balance will be antonyms to each others we will not fing a answer to our problems.

Osama was killed in a manner which made a skeptic like me making umpteen equations of what really would have happened but the recent memo of zardari made the things more clear, the Pakistanis authorities were keeping and hosting laden not on their own initiative but he has been captured far ago by Pakistani forces on the behest of America and was kept for the day of justice which can suit American policies, i also suspect if he has really been killed or was it another camouflage on their part if taken my advice i Will go for the second option. so what is being pretended by ruling dispensations is often an eyewash to serve their implicit issues.i even wonder that osama has made CIA run for 12 long years to send him to gallows, there must be something behind it. next is pak-US relations what is their basis and what is their future is something to ponder about, if Americans fear terrorism and religious fundamentalism how can they support a regime which they know is covertly aiding these elements, what is the general people perception about Americans in Pakistan and how can a govt supporting such intruders can be there on thrown for so long.this case is really amusing.

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