Wednesday, January 4, 2012


life needs new beginning, new vigour to keep it fresh and save itself from stagnancy. last moment better or worse has passed, don't pick the old whatever it may be. what you want from past has entered your blood and genes which you need not to worry about. this is how humanity has acquired so may traits and keep changing and modifying them, and that's what i feel nature wants from us, be vivid, be lively, be ephemeral, be eternal. like the snake leaves its skin, dead cells pass away, thoughts and ideologies to needs to be freed from prejudices and opinions whenever they seem getting harder in your mind. Freedom of mind is the biggest prerequisite for creativity and imagination, old thoughts obstruct its way like old hardened rocks.. i wish i could break them and move farther with passing time so that i can find myself new and enjoyable to myself and to everyone else.

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