Friday, January 6, 2012

My imagination

often perceived the artistic acumen
but always confused,
is it true, or my artistic
may be a delusion of grandeur
boundaries though i always loathe
yet couldn't mustered the courage
to break these ice wall
where i could assert my true self
to the mortals whom i fear
would not able to digest
the food i will offer them
since than searching for a soul
which can hold my hand
see my soul and its pining
to express myself, as i am
veils and disguise, now brings to standstill
the flow of the brook of imagination
which need someone to remove those stones
of perception and prejudices
and let the sublimity and subtlety
mix with ether of my world
which i have created
with all my dreams and ideas
dialectical debate may critic it
still for me it is as true as myself
should i negate my existence
for the sake of theoretical claims
or let me dive into the ocean
of love and life
because for me love is source of creativity
and life its expression
i don't know what cruelty is
is it absence of love
or some other expression of life
to maintain its equilibrium?

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