Saturday, October 13, 2012


The instability sired by anti corruption movement is not settling down, politics has become a hotpot of scams, every day I wake up to hear two or three scams surfacing in politico-corporate arena, they have become popcorns as one sprouts every now and then.
If we look at density and intensity of scams and misappropriations there has never been a more fertile moment. Out of sudden whole system has become like an edifice where windows which were closed for decades have been broken by a wind, and everyone can now peep inside and point out anomalies. I wonder if politicians are any less surprised than us the shocks they are facing everyday on their credibility as a class and on their personal image are disparaging, but to my wonder they don’t seem that worried, probably they have come in a mode of defiant confrontation where they want to clear that things will move the way they are, better you people learn to accept them. Neither are they much worried about their electoral prospects as they know they will never face a situation where people will be able to exercise a better option as the whole political system is homogeneous with some anomalies whom we called public oriented politicians.
                                                                             Politics cant be seen in disconnect from society, but true democracy will always be a dream watching the crony capitalism and class divide which eludes its prospects, even their can be debate on whether a complete democracy will be workable as conundrum of so many voices will lead to indecisiveness but if wisdom can be instilled in participants their can be a ray of hope, as for now the democracy we are living in is in its most rudimentary form, democracy cant be improved upside down, neither can it totally depend on nourishing and treating roots, like plants it’s a two way process prune unwanted stems which are dead and ill and provide space for air light for proper growth, spray for pest control and in the roots provide more manure and loose the mud for aeration, similarly our socio-political system needs two way treatment to put the democracy in order.
                                                                                                    Democracy is not an end but a process that keeps refining itself toward greater inclusiveness and this inclusiveness only brings meaning if the participation is a informed one, in that case more a democracy perpetuates more speedily it includes the participants at required level, another view under study is that whether majority opinion is always right, or is it the perquisite of democracy to act as per majority opinion, as majority interest is not always concordant but perhaps that onus for error of judgment will lie on people.
Democracy is also a stage for continuous debate amongst various stakeholders. We have seen how confronting interests often evade unanimity like what happened in Cauvery water dispute which repeatedly comes out of box in dry periods between tamilnadu and karnataka and how politicians overplay the sentiments of people is nothing new. There comes the issue of federalism, how federalism has evolved with states carved on linguistic basis, how regional discrepancies have entered in , how national perspective has often been evaded, why regional issues are so disconnected with regional issues and why these issues are not being properly addressed by constitutional mechanism, why  the local leadership became so defiant to the decisions of central government, the tags of parties should be left once the governments choose to represent the nation, this is where the govt has failed to induce a national trust on their neutrality.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I was following Anna Hazare since the inception of his movement against corruption, at beginning it was energizing to see Anna Hazare moving with his lieutenants Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran bedi as if finally someone has shown the exemplary courage to ask question to this mighty citadel of power which has been constructed by people of India by their 70 crore votes. This symbol of our democratic might accommodates some 800 odd people constituting the House of Commons and the council of states. Both these institutions bear the burden of hopes and aspirations, and voice and opinions of 1.2 billion Indians.
                                                                                                            The attempt of team Anna, which they synonymously called the attempt of common people to root out corruption from system was worth adulations and the valor of those people who stood affront the power of whole system just on the backing of common voices who shouted in chorus Jai Parkash Narayans ‘sinhasan khali karo ke janta aati hai’ and often quoted in television debates throughout this movement Ram manohar lohiyas ‘zinda kaume paanch saal intezaar nahi karti”
                        The movement finally bid adieu to the method of approaching popular support by medium of fasts and satyagrahs as these tools become hackneyed by continuously depleting visible support for the movement, but why? Perhaps common man doesn’t appear on street without any evident hope for a clear outcome of his cry which he is going to echo with leaders of the movement, and as the movement become stretched and the basic issue of lokpal for which this agitation begun seem not pulling carpet from beneath the feet’s of the echelons of power he felt it better rather to sit at his home and watch it on TV.
                                             Now that team Anna has been disbanded and Arvind Kejriwal contemplating a political alternative to make his voice heard, the step which is seen as a constructive turn for the movement by some and a collapse of the movement by other more skeptic voices. All these developments made it clear that such change need a long movement which should address not only selective issues but must take a holistic stand on the problem for which it is seeking a solution, it needs a vision, a long gestation period and patience worth such vision, which was somehow lacking in the movement Arvind looks impatient, which obviously is an insignia of common man restiveness so does Kiran bedi and rest of the leaders but movement needs a leader which could think like masses, represent them but could see beyond them and even beyond the sight of people whom they are fighting against.

On a positive note this was a movement which gave hope to people that things can change what they need is to constructively raise their voices not only against Ministers in Delhi but against their patwaris, babus and every person whom they found corrupt in their vicinity, they have to be actively and constructively political and should make an environment that being political should no more be equated to an abuse but as a active participation in the policymaking for ones locality, State or Nation with a awareness which no so called political party or leader can think of defying or ignoring.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today Indian political system is passing under Conundrums of transformation, it seems as the whole nation has been polarized under political and apolitical, with both sides fervently guarding their positions, with vigil on enemy and daggers in hand. Though the apolitical group has nothing personal to gain, ergo the political has much to loose, not exactly to loose but to be shared with those who have been deprived of their legitimate rights since the takeover of this system, but the war is not over yet, the battle ground has seen intermittent surge of one side over other at  times.

This battle is not new but it sounds as if a major turnaround is sought this time by the apolitical and the political is somewhat insecure and under the siege of this popular uprising and fervently holding on to whatever it has gained disproportionately, whether it is income, power, influence, or impunity.
                                                Much can't be done by moral exhortation to this group because over years whom we have chosen as our worthy representatives are but a bunch of covetous, extremely ambitious power hungry ilk of people who lives a lavish life , have majored in skills to fool people, and have no concern for those whom they are intended to serve, and why should they have, should we expect inherent philanthropy from an unscrupulous man who has long acted, thought and served the interests of numbered people in lieu of depriving the majority of their legitimate rights and powers.
















That was all about problems and cracks which have creeped in our system over a period of time , but how will these gaps be filled and ailments be cured, these are today haunting the scruple of every nationalist .
                                                My take at this is that no one who wants to rule should rule rather he should be the one who is indifferent towards power and positions, sounds too ideological? perhaps, but we have people like this today and we had such high stature leaders in the past it may be A B VAJPAYEE, DR ABDUL KALAM, LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI, E SHRIDHARAN now these are called leaders, this were a few I could recall at this moment ergo the country is filled with scores of them take ARVIND KEJRIWAL, MANISH SISODIA, what are they fighting for power and position, no they are fighting against a disease which has hampered our well being, no personal agendas, no personal vendettas, just a concern for nation.
                                                                                    So this tendency to hold on to power is the main culprit for the moral fall in the standard of politics, Even the right things are done for wrong reasons, situations are made so that no honest men would find a way to top, and he doesn’t because he has no intention to hold on power or nurture his octogenarian ambitions like ADVANI, or comparatively younger and ideologically illiberal and distorted one of MODI’S, so the nation needs leaders not power clinging autocrats.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The road was steep and curvy, you can see a few hundred feets valley from its corner, and I was trying to adjudge my level of valor by standing at its corner and staring at that gasping depth. I was new at place and busy exploring it to its fullest as I was walking across the road suddenly someone appeared on the way, she was a girl with heap of grass on her head which she has brought from the forest to feed the cattle, rearing cattle is still the main occupation here as every second person was busy pruning leaves or cutting grass from the precipitous rocks over the mountains, some were taking there cattle back to their sheds after a day full of grazing, everything was rustic to its core, I was in love with everything here except the level of hygiene, which I guess is somewhat difficult to maintain with farming cattle rearing and when all the day of yours pass enmeshed in mud and animals waste. Though whatever the reason may be it was hard for me to get comfortable with it, which was a part of life here.

                                                                                                In few days from now it would be a year since I first arrived here full of bewilderment and obviously some fear of unknown with gently passed with every single day I spent here, to make it a much sought after place of mine. Though it may not sound very interesting but it was a dream of mine to always be at such place which would be surrounded by lofty mountains from all sides where a cool breeze flows day and night, people are so na├»ve and simple, when one gets fed up of the lives of towns and cities where living becomes like a job and routine, there is nothing which can take you into your moments of ecstasy and amusement, and the things become even more enchanting when you are here for a job which you like the most which gives you the maximum space to express the real you. It can be said a perfect place for regaining your physical and mental powers which become depleted in mundane life of cities.
                                                                       This places provides a space forholistic purview of life in your conscious, it brings you closer to yourself, it abridges the distance which was widening in neglect of some most important aspects of yours i.e. your emotional and spiritual well being. Away from world where every one is busy in a rat race to garner more power, resources and fame, using the world satisfaction may sound blasphemous in the today’s world of cut throat competition as accordingto modern view of human efficiency, the competitions refines human skills and improves his efficiency, but without limits it just limits man to his hackneyed portrayal as a part of society, by his assets and bank balance by his achievements where he has succeeded to score over others, that is all what make today’s man special, an achiever, someone who is looked in society as a paradigm of accomplishment. There may be arguments and counterarguments their may be ideas which may be antithetical to this very idea, but I guess this is the only thought which gives space to everyone in this universe to create a special place for himself, where life is put above the material, where love is put above the relations of suitability which are becoming frail and self centered with passing time, the race for big GDP’S, big stock market indexes, for bigger exports and imports on the pretext of making human life better surely needs a review, that’s how I see life which doesn’t differentiate, with its arms wide open to give everyone the immense love and affection beyond the measure of qualities or limitations which it has imparted to various the life forms, where life sings a symphony of mutual coexistence under the sky of ubiquitous love and affection.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


If we gaze around us today, what we will find is totally opposite of what we were expecting from present time 4 or 5 years back. If we see these issues from shallowness there would be many reasons which can be annexed to the present fiasco, but a little deeper look into the issue will reveal the much needed reason for what is happening to India today. All our leaders today are drowned in the pool of corruption with no sense in the arguments they make to either defend them or the govt of the day,the much vocal denial mode of PMO, and all ministers smacks of arrogance and scruplelessness which has been till now concealed beneath the smugness of power and impunity, now they have rather become offensive with grotesque allegations on all those who are questioning their integrity even with valid proofs, not only this today Finance minister denied the standard and poor rating, though I am not a supporter of such rating as benchmark for measuring economic conditions as do the sensitive index of BSE or NSE, the sensitivity of whom has stopped creating the furor over the immediate economic health of nation but the habbit in question is of denial.
It seems as those who were accountable to take the nation out of such circumstances are rather facilitating the proliferation same for the reason best known to them, the HRD minister is under the spell of his own unmanageable whims, he is in such an intense experimental mode that his playfulness has become a horror show for all those who are concerned with our education, no doubt I was an admirer of some of the bold steps he initially took which were pending for long time under the previous octogenarian minister. Though the fear I experience flows through the sensibility of all those who care for the numbered institutions of excellence which have made this nation intellectually rich and internationally proud, it is not that they don’t need improvement but throwing them to a ditch will surely hurt any sensible person in this nation
Ergo all these problems are symptoms of a more chronic disease which we as a nation have not faced in such proportions, that is we are leaderless today, we have ministers, we have a misfit prime minister, we have a govt with not so comfortable majority, but quite manageable and much better than UPA1,but no leader, i wonder i envisaged Mr Manmohan Singh as a worth leader when he stood for indo-US nuclear deal, but things have changed today the same me questions this man and his conscience and scruple, despite of his unquestionable image as the harbinger of economic reforms which he catapulted to take nation out of much severe economic crisis than we are in today, I guess the history is repeating itself but from an opposite side, now the same man seems to be the one drowning us into an economic quagmire for the reasons best known to him or to the fellows who control him, he don’t looks like a free man, he may pretend so by his body language, but it is not hard to catch him. Whole media is apprehensive about him; he is loosing his hard earned reputation from a man known for his ardor and impeccable intellect who had a spotless career as a distinguished academician, a much sought economist, a man whom every young Indian once looked upon for inspiration. Where is that man, lost, slept or imprisoned……………….only time will tell but nation needs a quick answer to it.

Monday, June 11, 2012


It was a small village, on the heights of shivalik, just a view of it fills you with unparalleled bliss and freshness, the lush green vales, fresh water brooks flowing through its heartland like pattern of fabric, the gushes of fresh wind from all sides fill you with ecstasy.The mornings were cool and soothing, inviting every bit of you to submerge yourself into that great festivity of dew drops and chirping birds, of a mist which prevail all the existence at that time. It was like a song sung by the whole existence on the symphony of an invisible force, which was dancing in everything over the place.

            While indulged in this grand celebration which was happening around me all the times, I thought of so many things at the same moment, my inquisitiveness has took me to the unanswered question of the life, who am I? I knew it can’t be answered by anyone neither can it be framed in words. It was as sages and explorers who have been in search of this most fundamental question of human existence hinted the seekers from time to time, because they cant give anything more than that, they briefed what they have experience out of affection.

 Though I am lonely but something accompanies me all the times, which can’t be expressed into words, which can neither be tamed, which elopes in a moment, but which is a serenity which encompasses all the universe into its aura, which questions your answers in a language which is not of humans, which is the language of silence, a silence which doesn’t pretend doesn’t digress but speak unequivocally, but to hear it you need a quality which has to be explored from inside you, which is pristine, unconditional acceptance of everything that you see and experience, burning all your prejudices and past knowledge.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Anna Hazare and Ramdev both have seen respective precipitous rise and fall of their movements, Ramdev due to his mistimed and fear mongered elopement from the ram Lila ground and Anna because of an premature impetuous which they tried to put an additional pressure on government before passing of lokpal, under apprehension of an lame bill being passed by the parliament on the pretext of fulfilling the popular demand. As far as the duo movements are concerned, both have different demands and agendas, Ramdev focuses on bringing back black money which according to him is around 400 lakh crores, team Anna on their side demand a strong anti corruption law in form of an independent ombudsman free of all form of executive interference.
Both the people are moving forward with good intention with Ramdev having rightist agenda to claim the lost superiority of India, while Anna is a team of some independent NGO’S who have come together to fight against the unchecked corruption becoming more and more prevalent at the higher echelons of power.
  What seems from past experience of the movement is that team Anna somewhat diluted their case with demanding too much at same time, despite of all their demands have very genuine basis, while Ramdev smells of hefty ambitions along with a nationalist agenda of rebuilding the ailing nation but he has no clear cut agenda as to how will he change the system. On the other side Anna doesn’t have any such personal agenda he simply wants to prune the diseased parts of this tree by means of popular pressure, now will the establishment succumb to or not is yet to see, will the movement gain its lost momentum is also worth presumptions.
The present situation is very intriguing, government is adamant on not to decentralizing their powers and involving the opinion of a common man in the process of law making. A deadlock has formed between government and those demanding the laws for obvious question it raises on the people in government and even in parliament; the main opposition party has lost an opportunity from its hand. The good thing is that govt has not yet opened the chain of its dirty trick department; perhaps it would have not felt the need considering the slump in the active support to the movement. At the end again the question which still stands tall in front of us is that -
Can laws do everything, can fear of prosecution give us what we really want from our citizens, all our laws fail on ground because they have to be implemented through people, and our people are morally sick from disease called egoism, what sickens them is the ongoing system and it has not been built in a day, systems are build and modified with generations, education is the core of rejuvenating system with new possibilities, creating a class of people which will take place of outgoing generation which was adapted to past system of inefficiency and corruption. Lokpal will obviously be a good step to begin with but team Anna should also put forward the idea of a bigger moral ethical overhaul which is the need of the time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The island of bliss has a morning of its own kind, full of freshness, dancing flowers in the cool soul sizzling wind of morning, the petals embellished with dew and the new rays of dawn replicating them through these drops into myriad soothing rays of hope and zeal, the birds dont have sense of time may be for we humans a new morning still carries with it what happened yesterday and numerous  good and bad experiences but for them they are born anew, birds may carry the lessons of past but never the baggage of infinite longings which we take with us throughout our life so it was not just a new day for them, it is a new life and with a joy for this novelity they start singing the wecome songs for thanks to that unfathomable idea which the blissed( residents of the island) called ismo.
                                    Ismo was for them an all pervading joy and celebration which is dancing throughout the universe on a celestial tone which only blessed ones can hear, it was not a god in conventional sense which could be synonymed as allmighty, they said might is not the property of ismo, he cant be measured in might, only fools do it, he is beyond human parameters of might and feebleness, powers and miracles, he is a miracle, and whole existence is a part of that unity which the blissed assigned to him.
                                                                                                   so as soon the sun came to peep in through the vastness of sky in that red aura the whole ambience felt blessed with those rays of lights, blissed wake up before sun to see it assigning its grandness to the earth, to give a meaning to the life, to see the dance of flowers and fluttering of wings who have started measuring the sky with flights of perfection.
   This dance of wholeness became a part of island of bliss the cool morning breeze of sea enthralling each soul with the freshness it has been imbibed with, augmenting the joy and bestowing the life a new energy and momentum with energy which could not be measured in conventional terms. With this energy the Islanders woke up and began their work, they bowed to the earth and thanked every one who plays a part in their life, the sun the earth, the fire, the sky, their fellow human beings, and wished the happiness for all the universe.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


It is a tale of medieval times when Arabian nights was written and the mystique of empire of china spread around the world with the fabric of the everlasting threads of silk which find its way throughout the world trough silk route. The surrealism and mythologies were blown across the boundaries of various civilizations; there was romanticism, naive ness and a resultant blissfulness. In such epoch of ethereal gaiety there existed an island in the western pacific studded with the emeralds of palm and dined with the delicious fishes and coconut butter. The place where the music of sea waves sing with the tone of innocence, an inconspicuous silence pervades in the stillness of sea at horizon, where a boat is returning from the toil of day seems reddish in the drape dusk. A place in the world yet distinguishable from every other land was called the island of bliss it was a delicacy embedded with a ubiquitous empathy and mutual love and affection flowing through the nerves of life throughout that island. It was not just an archaic or primitive naive ness that was being discerned into this simplicity and love but there was something in the ambience of this place that every soul which enters here gets drowned in the fountain of altruism and benevolence. The head of the tribe an old man of around hundred years looked contended and happy sitting on a rock teaching the new lot of youngsters he told them that the island of bliss has some inherent mores which every member of the clan has been taught and so are you. The first lesson is that we can’t grow with greed as it will take away the happiness by killing the feeling of trust, fraternity and equality. Greed pilfers the peace of mind and increases the restlessness and this restlessness kills the bliss, makes us ill and tense, It is not me but we that is going to make difference in the life of people, second is that no organism is inferior all forms of life are respected and revered in this island, third is that we don’t trade we don’t keep surplus when thing is produced in excess of ones need it is given to the common pool from where it is distributed where it is in deficiency as per the wisdom of elders. Hard work is the most cherished quality of any human on our island but because there is no surplus collection no one works insanely every person works and also gives proper time to family and enjoys life to the fullest. People live in groups of size suitable to the other needs as distribution of work and mobility in time of need, the oldest person in the group is the head with this he asked them to move to farms and work and learn there.
                                     This is how life is flowing on the island of bliss, In the morning some men moved to shores in the search of fish other moved their feet’s towards farms where crops and vegetables are grown, women too shared some burden both at sea and in farms. It was a very musical island there were songs for planting the crops and songs to harvest them there were songs for rain, songs for the arrival of spring there were songs for sea and sun there were songs that were sung while going for fish catch there were songs for nights when the whole clan use to gather outside folklores were shared by old with children who rejoiced them as they imbibe them with the culture of bliss, despite of divisions in group no one thinks in the terms of mine and theirs the culture was imbued with oneness there was no place for differentiation in mine and ours, no vengeance was there because no greed was their, every islander believed in an all pervading spirit which they called Ismo. People prayed to Ismo for well being of all and to keep the island always blissful and endowed with unity of hearts. This was how the island of bliss is living in serenity for sometime till something unexpected happened. what was that? next time!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today i heard about the standard and poor downgrading their outlook of indian economy, this has followed  the much debated statement of kaushik basu( economic advisor of  prime minister) that major economic decisions will be help uptill the next general election due to insufficient support in loksabha and antagonistic attitude of supporting parties, The indesiciveness of present government has been thoroughly discussed in media for a week and nothing major has come out of it, the bottom line is the fear of taking decisions because of hyperactive CAG and anti corruption setiment which is prevailing across the country, the logic as i construe it is we cant do anything without probability of loss to govt exchequer and when questions will be raised we dont want to be a party to it because the system has become so ill that it wouldnt be possible to heal it at such a short notice, this is perhaps a surrender or a tactical manipulation of the govt to rein in corporate towards their side which was evidently giving a mute support to anti corruption movement through various media agencies. All these chronological debacles make us seriously ponder about what is happening to our economy which is pulling it down in a chasm. moving on the lines of european economy despite of  being cushioned by healthy local demand and an economy which can still be called a mixed economy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Nations are not a lot different from individuals, Nation is a collectivity of individuals with varying views opinions talents, limitations culminating into a unity. Individuals too are sum of mutually contradictory traits of altruism and meanness of integrity and slackness, this duality and resultant non duality are the shades of every aspect of existence spread across infinite. the important difference is that nations are non-permanent because the socio political fabric of such identities, of these units keep evolving towards either a greater unity if all goes well and towards a Latent fragmentation if the social, religious and political and economic cohesiveness is not evolving toward a greter unifying force in terms of satisfaction with one's relations with the other organs of that entity.                                                                                      
         The earlier half of 20th century Europe saw much designing and redesigning of its political map and the two wars which showed the stress long smothering their souls, where today we see them as a common geopolitical unit in terms of economic and cultural influences and policies. How do they evolved after the destrucitve wars and the lessons learned from it went well with most of them. Desrution and vengeance gave way to the fact that only mutual cooperation can take this region forward and also the units which it is composed of.
                      Indian subcontinent is a similar geopolitical unit though not exactly, Many analysts have tried to inspire and envisaged a similar future for the subcontinent too but there is a sense of mistrust embedded into  its history placenta which puts a big question mark even before someone try to give impetuous to this idea, secondly europe was always capital rich which they have churned out of their imperialist escapades where as indian subcontinent earnestly needs a huge amount of capital to take the economic considerations to overwhelm the historical repugnaence and mistrust and much more than anything a forward looking leadership which has somewhere been trampeled under the feets of jingoists cum fear mongrers, such people put the question mark on the cost of the failure of any such endeavour in terms responsibility for the heavy cost of any breach of trust of the ilk of kargil war of 1999 and more or less in chinese war of 1962 which was not in the books of any of our peace Loving statesmen. Depite of any such misgiving such efforts are inevitable to bring indian subcontinent out of the stagnant pace of our mutual cohesion with our neighbours and thus towards the place we deserve as a unit on international plateforms and the reverence with which our opinion will be heard in international matters including securing a permanent seat in security council.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The madness which justice Katju repeatedly allude to media, centers around a sport, and his reasons certainly seem valid considering the long haul of miserable failures India portrayed in other sports though initially barring hockey which too has fell into the same chasm in recent years(recently there have been intermittent successes which fall far below even a level of superficial smugness). And it is not media which is serving the cricket ruthlessly to its audience but it is monetising endeavour of this madness which made failed businessman like Modi to make its shorter version the brainchild of his money churning enterprise IPL.
                                                It is not that to passionately following a game is a bad thing, but to just make out of it an obscenely passive mode of entertainment and going out of way to pursue your liking for it whether it may be a 74 match tournament stretched across 2 months, now this is excess, the meagerness of a thing is one of the most important factor which adds to its taste and excess makes it tasteless and the same is happening here and no running around from the fact that we have reared cricket as a delicious dish since the 84 world cup win and if served judiciously it is definately an exotic dish and worth spending some money too.
                            It is said that cricket is a religion in India and some players are even put on the pedestal of godhood, though this anomaly has even occurred with some bollywood stars and many politicians. throughout my writings I have been an ardent opposer of this person worship leaving behind ideas, morals principals and ethics in the dust of anonymity, I think we always choose for the easier way don’t be like them don’t even try just make them deities and let them carry all what you are either ought to do or altest consider as your duty toward society and nation
                                                                           question which arises alongside is that is bollywood cricket useless as they are just an entertainment industry without anything productive, to my surprise no economist or sociologist had ever taken the pain to find out what does oue economic growth or development owes to increase in productivity as they directly dont play any role there, entertainment may be an opium as marx said of masses which keep there attention deviated from the real big issues of inequality spread across the society, or perhaps entertainment is a soothing agent for mind fatigued by routine and menial repitition.
questions are many, which we often shrugg maybe because we dont want to see them perhaps this matrix is far subtle than the one depicted in the movie and reality is not that beautiful so that we will cuddle in instantly shredding all our inhibitions.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Mamta has shown that she is a fighter, but the wrong thing is that she starts fighting over everything Thanks to her statesman like patience. Ousting reds from bengal was not an easy task even after such a long rule and the way they were continuously defying the anti incumbency factor all these years and this is not an exaggeration as the Bengal is the only state which saw land reforms applied in its true sense unaffected by the political footsie of the respective governments with zamidars as in  other part of the country, and west bengal was also the first one to come under clutches of british and see days of permanent settlement or the intial woeful days of zamindari which sweeped it of its capital.


but something which again need attention is the financial and socio economic conditions under which the the communists left bengal to trinmool, big debt, financial ills, unsolved issues of SEZ doesn't hints towards their wisdom and management of state affairs all these years, their hangover of primitive communism takes them backwards on the larger issues of development which neede an liberal outlook of economy and a middleway to sort out its finacially incomprehensible situation, because we all need patience to see things walk on their feet, we cant carry them on our shoulders  infinitely( which applies to social sector schemes of UPA-2 too) and history has shown that ideologies work like silk worms, excess of ideological polarisation finally leads to their death in their own cocoon.

Mamta di sounds very innocent, her recent antagonism for congress is the very issue which Laid the Foundation of Trinmool and that flows alongside her warm meetings with selected congressis, congress may be a diminutive proposition in Bengal but it is politically most manipulative of all the political groups which it owes to its long history of political overtures, Immaturity cant fight experience however energetic it may be. congress knows the demenour of Mamta and it knows where to hit her, she may stumble their FDI in retail, stands in the way of Petrol price hike, or fire her own minister for railway fare hike, all  this( specially the last issue) shows her restiveness and political immaturity. her latest stint with a cartoon of hers based on satyajit ray movie and banning english newspapers in state libraries gives us a hint of the nightmares she is getting from congress and communists and all these actions which may seem impromptu are carefully culled out of her fiery persona by her political rivals.

                                                            Mamta's Narsicism needs a special mention here, her arrogance according to her supporters is justified as she has won overwhelmingly in recent assembly elections, and she has every right to treat herself and project herself as a cult and any satire on this cult would be treated as an act of blasphemy. she wants to send a chill down the spine of everyone who is her critic, but by this act she has turned her numerous admirers into her critics, if she continue such miscalculation, communists and congress can relax silently and wait for her fall.


The recent episode of srk detention which was a recurrence in a chain of similar events which took place in  recent past, the accused was a person with a Muslim sir name, this has multiple dimensions assigned to it by the sheer perversity of the act which otherwise is quite a normal one if we consider airport operation and the extra consciousness which Americans took post 9/11 with Muslim moving too and fro from America,
                                If we look it as a security issue its quite OK, but if light is projected from politico strategic angle its a deep agony faced by Muslims across the world as they are stereotyped as intolerant to other religions, yes their religions taught them so, should the religion be re construed, perhaps it should have been but has America left a room for that,
             They sired osama and breastfed Taliban during cold war era to contain soviet influence, they did the same nonsense again in Iraq, and finally have to kill their own creation, Iran is being repeatedly threatened,  has America not been preoccupied in Iraq and Kabul Iran would perhaps have beeen redeemed by now. what all this has given them is an image of a international dictator who has indulged himself in so many nooks and corners of world that it has gone astray over what it wants oil, a whiff of military superiority across the globe, a space for new economic adventures, for me all this brings it to a sheer predicament which it is facing because of its wrong actions and when it wakes up to correct them it does another blunder, their is no one who can question and reproach such actions, this has led to a sense of repugnance in mind of every Muslim and had made them more adamant and resistive to any change in their religious outlook towards a more liberal and forward looking interpretation.
                                          The second dimension the more trivial one is the hullabaloo which has been created on srk detention is sheer nonsense, stars are special because they live a dream life( acc to our perception) they sells dreams they live our unlived moments for us. we don't want that aura to be spoiled which we have presumed around them, but we should give some space to reality too and at the end of the day any such detention doesn't give space for any ruckus about the dignity of nation as it is far beyond us mortal individuals, there may be a symbolic impact of such actions but it should be negotiated diplomatically.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

life is comprehensible, is it?

i hereby fly in my dreams with my wings wide open
in a gush of wind and emotions
am i alone in this vast sky
i guess i am
but whom do i want to accompany me
some women, but why
oh those are very basic biological reasons
but is that all
whom do i want
i guess finally its me
whom i want to see through other
and what a women can do better than any man
is to let me feel more completely
of what i am, thats i am a man
and she desires me much more than any man can do
probably thats the reason i need a women
but why do i want such a exquisite evidence of me
isnt that i can tell me yes i am.
i am completely, ya i can do that
but where is the proof
proof is the other, and more suitably a women
because she too need an evedence
its an act of complimenting
each other for what they are
how special they are
am i comprehending love
or obliterating it
emotions are better let to act like an enigma
we shouldnt deal with them like psychologists
else we will loose their charm
is it so?
will i keep asking questions to me like that
and providing me the answers
not other option yet!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Dreams are the path of soul where it often stops to relieve itself of its tiredness either trough a fresh energising whiff of imagination or prepare itself for catharsis through nightmares, our imaginations meets with reality through them they are like a glimpse which can be felt can be seen and even gives the space for participation but does not ought to be touched they vanish with touch, that is i feel the enigma of life too live it get fully engaged with it, but if u want to understand it it vanishes like an ethereal light which let u see the life. life do gives confusion because of dreams , the confusion is that whether life is just a flow of concious which intermittently peeps out through the medium of dreams or dreams are the real flow of concious which seeks a manure of life not in its abstractness but in its concreteness to translate themselves and to rejuvinate them. life often transmigrate through them into the unlived moment created by us.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am drunk with you
dipped in you
i often forget who i am
my feets walk a path
which i never thought of
i wiggle like a tipsy image
draping my reason
to completely imbibe you
accompanied by you
i discover this life
as a prized possesion
where each breath
is bestowed with your

Saturday, February 11, 2012

how to say, what i feel

how should i express myself
all words fell short
words are never a medium
to say what you feel
because they never actually say
they give a haze
a liberty to the listener
to perceive what he wants
out of what you say
so i thought what else
music, painting or other
multifarious art forms
no non of them
it is just a sense
of love of empathy
of an ephemeral feeling
of oneness which prevails.
where the difference you and
me vanishes, only than true
message can be said
and heard beyond the words
said by heart, recepted by heart.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Walking through the mazes of life
experiencing its multitude
i swam across the sea of emotions
some pleasant and some putting me to test
i wish that difficult sea has made a mariner worth it
fear and fantasies all woven around
tides of life have not always been that kind
to give me a thoroughfare where i wanted to be.
the yearning of life for incessant love
and indeciphered dreams
engraved on subconscious
by the chisel of time
hope this time
i would find me around!

Monday, January 16, 2012


causes often left behind, frail away with time
institutions however divine, always kept behind
mad about individuals, servile in subconscious
when will we break this jinx?

Be it anaa hazare, sachin tendulkar, rahul gandhi or Atal bihari vajpayee some prominent ones among many more of the like. we as a nation are obsessed with people rather than institutions, causes or ideas. the recent fiaso of indian cricket team in autralia and all our heroes or gods getting failed one after another and mad obsession with hundredth hundred of master blaster and the failure of team on every aspect, i totally agree with justice Katju on what our media is serving us with tantriks, jyotish cheap scandals and cricket, the question is how does this nonsense help our nation to grow, lukewarm response of people to anti corruption movement, failure of BJP on national front after A B Vajpayee. I will blame our hero worship for all this but the question is  where did we got this infection from? Thousand long year of servility by invaders who ruled us acc to the best of their whims. or our religious ideology which told us to be happy in whatever conditions we are and we eshewed all our efforts to come out of it to break this myth of content?   but this can't be whole truth, we as a society were always fragmented amongst ourselves, invaders never have to make special strategies to subdue us, what was required was already inherent in our society, if we look at Britishers political maturity that kept monarchy as an institution but real monarchy or monarchy from their psyche was died long back . what they kept was an institution to rever their historical belongings which they connected to as a source of their grandness and to maintain structural firmities. but all this was possible because they were awake to their social realities and not under a slumber which could have been a leftover of their weaknesses of the past. or for that case take America, their policies are made by voters for instance when a hawkish rightist bush didn't fit the scene any more or for the case republicans they made a historical change by choosing the first black president who was a Democrat(liberal), can we Indians ever afford a Muslim prime minister, no because it didn't suit our political equations, these equations are not made by political parties which we curse for every infirmity of ours, rather they are intertwined in our psyche, may be a gift nourished by the Britishers(whom we fire with salvos for every failure of ours having its root in our historical traditions) unless we get out of this quagmire of fetish for individuals and take the responsibility of our nation as whole, control our population, raise our educational standards (not only literacy rates) ,unlessthe growth and enviornment balance will be antonyms to each others we will not fing a answer to our problems.

Osama was killed in a manner which made a skeptic like me making umpteen equations of what really would have happened but the recent memo of zardari made the things more clear, the Pakistanis authorities were keeping and hosting laden not on their own initiative but he has been captured far ago by Pakistani forces on the behest of America and was kept for the day of justice which can suit American policies, i also suspect if he has really been killed or was it another camouflage on their part if taken my advice i Will go for the second option. so what is being pretended by ruling dispensations is often an eyewash to serve their implicit issues.i even wonder that osama has made CIA run for 12 long years to send him to gallows, there must be something behind it. next is pak-US relations what is their basis and what is their future is something to ponder about, if Americans fear terrorism and religious fundamentalism how can they support a regime which they know is covertly aiding these elements, what is the general people perception about Americans in Pakistan and how can a govt supporting such intruders can be there on thrown for so long.this case is really amusing.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


A poor famer was passing trough woods, going to a town to buy goods for the upcoming festival. the festival is the occasion when villagers used to spent their earnings which they have earned throughout the year. but something unexpected happened he was robbed on the way by dacoits of the forest who were famous and dreaded for such notorieties of theirs, the head of this gang was a robust man with big moustache, he looked ugly and ferocious. when they held the man and coerced him to give away his money and belongings he pleaded them for pity as the festival is approaching, and after a long time of restrain and hardship his kids and wife are looking his way for some good time so that they can enjoy that ephemeral moment to get ready for the arduous routine, kindly dont trample that hope of theirs, when i will go home wretched and empty i wont be able to see that hope melting down to tears on their cheeks. its this hope on which we poor live, kindly dont do this to me, whatever else you will ask me to do i will do that, listening to all his pleads, the dacoits who were till now oblivious of all thier virtue and morality melt down and, got ready to leave him but on condition that farmer will not tell about this incident to other people as it will ruin their prospets of their future loots, as hearing about his amnesty all people will pretend to them to be poor and desperate and thouh we are in this profession we cant stand such emotive compunctions, farmer wailing for life get readily agreed to their terms and thanked god, he went to town bought goods and took them back home, seeing their father back with new clothes and sweets children became vivacious and told their mother about his arrival who also came out to see him, all of them celebrated the festival went to temple ate some nice food and  slept with their heart filled with joy and stomach filled of delicious food , wife was looking at the trauma on his husband's face asked is everyting ok? husband said yes, but why are you asking this question, Wife told that he didnt looked that happy what he was on previous festivities and little restive too. He said yes on the way, but remembring his promise to dacoits he changed his sentence and said he met a wild beast and thats why he is little furious. wife believed him and slept though surprised as meeting wild beast is a common occurance in village and it has happened to him in the past. On next day when the family woke up and began their routine chores, husband went to farm, to his surprise he found that someone had watered his farm even before he came, amused at who could have done it he asked the nearby farmers, they were totally unaware about it but said probably god is happy at him and thus helping him, farmer though happy in his heart was still perplexed about what has happened. so he didnt had to do much hard work on that day as much of it has been already done he palnted some saplings of crop and as evening approached he left for home only to knew that someone has left grain sacks in the backyard of the home, now farmer was more perlexed as they didnt have even food to eat and again somebody has helped him, he did'nt slept all that night glad and bewildred, when he wake up he asked his wife to be cautious because of such mysterious things are happening. ( incomplete, just trying to see where does my imagination goes)