Friday, January 17, 2014


Is Indian politics today more personality oriented than it ever was, surely not, it has endured slogans of Indira is India, but the ballyhoo aroused after Modi’s advent on the national political scene is interesting, if you will notice Modi has been the most talked about and well known face since Gujrat Riots but his second innings and more decisive one begin with the debacle of Advani in 2009 elections. Afterwards while the clamor of corruption and mis-governance was taking rounds of media and streets a grand vacuum was created which couldn’t be filled by any BJP leader, so Modi took the onus and not as thoroughfare  but after mellowing all the visible dissent in the party which include his mentor and savior Advani. In his report card he has the performance of Gujrat government, Gujrat has won many awards from various agencies both international and national, an intelligent branding strategy of the brand Gujrat has proved to be redeeming for Modi himself, the corporate friendly image of Modi attracted industries and helped Modi won their support in long run, the strategy of Mr. Modi could be easily structured from this. Perhaps there are some intelligent people who design the moves of Modi, augmented by his own excellent managerial and organizational skills. But the Ghost of Gujrat riots is never going to leave him, not because he perpetrated them or not, but because he used them to their fullest potential to establish himself as a hardliner rightist mascot. Had the riots have not taken place Modi would not have been where he is today, his core constituency of supporters like him because he represents a Modi whom liberals and Seculars dislike, some people accept him because they feel it redundant to always see Modi through his past mistakes and are ready to ignore his past misdemeanors in this leaderless vacuum in the country. Today whole BJP is rallying behind him which was unthinkable when some time back we hear of numerous power centres in BJP moving around Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj etc. So Modi cautiously moved his feet’s since he found this space and today earned loyalty of party cadres and some of its previously second line and all of third line leaders.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


The media catchy oath ceremony of an aam aadmi was enough to feel myself empowered, but it also raised some pertinent questions, or doubts, which reckoned numerous manifestations of this process. Provoked by this never before event in politics, at least from the time I am witnessing politics, the time when I grew as a pensive political observer saw politics stooping down with every passing day, it was the time when obituary of single party governments was written and the resultant mishmash created uncertainties to the level of anarchy. The liberalization of 90’s went well with politico-capitalist nexus and culminated into gargantuan edifice of crony capitalism whose acme we all saw in 2G, COMMONWEALTH, ADARSH, COAL BLOCK ALLOCATION, to enlist a conspicuous few of numerous latent many. All this made common man believe and feel the stink of our rotting system, the self obsessed established parties who were busy liaison the rights and dues of common man with handful of oligarchs never bothered to look around and see what they are doing, they didn’t saw the awareness the new Indian gaining, which is enough to see through their misdemeanors. All this disillusioned the common man; this created a political vacuum the vacuum which represents a constituency which was ignored or at least taken for granted, the constituency which felt how their future is being obliterated in the ominous power and money fetish of our representatives, which felt their voices going unheard repeatedly. This constituency needed a voice; a face which I am not sure could sustain the demands of conventional politics but could send a message to those practicing politics that if you can’t hear us there we are competent enough to replace you there and we will keep doing that until you change yourself.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Brief Encounter With Cupid!

This is a story which was latent in some corner of my memories till i cajoled the story teller in me to give it a shape, the shape in which it couldn't actually happen, but what's the use of imagination if you cant for a moment drown yourself in the possibilities your dreams.

She was plump and vivacious, from the day she arrived in our class i could hardly think anything but her, the flights of my imagination took her to the every nook and corner of where my heart has not yet accommodated anybody,as she became center of my universe the days became brighter and more beautiful. demeanor of her was enchanting all my senses to the brim, the way she walked the way she talked often left me gasping for more. The moments when she was present around the whole ambiance comes in an upbeat mood, every face every object became the part of that celebration. things went on like this, the curiosity to know her was overgrowing the already diminishing knack for physics or mathematics which would not have taken me anywhere but a sink hole of my academics.I was never good at academics but now i had the alibi to prove my innocence on charges of under-performance at least to myself. The time went on, the temptations, the fascinations kept grounding me and adding dimensions to the probabilities of my future, she remained indifferent and how else she could have sensed it but a confession from me, she went away unaware of any such song whose symphony has been flowing out of her. The final exams took place and it was the last exam when i last saw her.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When i woke up this morning my head was aching, now it has almost become a routine. a decade has passed since such turmoils started with me. this strange vacillation of  mood  has become a part of me so much that i rarely feel it like something strange is happening with me. I often assuaged my self with probable reasons for this void which keeps on changing its size though i could not persuade myself with a strong reason as why should life trifle with an innocuous being like me. I see lives of people and couldn't resist the comparison and not to say grass is always greener on the other side well that's an self evident adage. This habit of mine often ask for amendments in my thinking pattern to focus more on the positive side of me and life. Life is an unanswered question tempting people since eternity or since the times human thinking faculties became mature enough to think in such self aware terms. This incessant urge to see life as question can either simplify your woes or make them more perplexed and the endeavors mostly end up with the later results. Why cant life be seen as a song whose notes are playing across the spectrum of our lives why cant life be a dance whose rhythm is reflecting itself in the swings of our life, why cant life be a poetry which is singing the ecstasy of being. life is a big playground which offers us space according to our courage to either sit on the side or to go and play in the middle. so much could be said and interpreted of life, but life is to open closets of our heart not necessarily with same meaning for every individual but different meanings for each one of you according to your tastes and if Life is parched soil waiting for rains, when the showers arrive we mustn't hide ourselves or protect ourselves but we must dance in the rains.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are You Listening?

That’s how the fate
Has designed it for me,
I would spend myself
More than I could afford
Would my dark carnal desires
 not see thy light

My heart brimming with love
Would not get someone
 worth a sip of it
My dreams would 
no longer be wet
But dry as desert
No hand to hold
No eyes to look into
The conflict of biology,
Sociology & psychology
Might never have been so conspicuous

I could hardly place
Where I am heading to
But this is me who has
Chosen this uncertainty for me

Certainty and surety was
 Never my cup of tea
I wanted to explore the
Unknown because it has
No limits to set your eyes to

My inherent detest for
Being part of the crowd
proved too expensive a propensity
To be earnest about

I could write like Milton
Though I seldom used that prodigy
My paradise was too often
Lost and found
But I could hardly see
What I was fooling around

My insanity was sacred to me
Somehow it was the only evidence
I had for ascertaining that
I am alive

To conform to established
My soul cried it foul
So I created
A path of my own
Which was rather a maze
Whose beginning and end
were hard to find

I cried in solitude
But I rejoiced it too
Because it is only here
That I can listen myself
most clearly
where my doubts were as
tangible as their answers

what I was seeking
was a connoisseur
of my quintessence
not some altruist
who would console
my despondence,
but who could
rejoice this pain of anonymity
with me
a pervert who could taste
elixir in this pain

I am waiting for thee
This may take eternity
But all my hopes are
as adamant
As my doubts
Not ready to die
Are you listening?
I hope you are!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

a perspective

This is after gap of around a year that I have sat with the keyboard although this period has seen an intermittent penning down of my thoughts sometimes voluntarily and sometimes compulsively as to keep along with the habit of writing as it improves with practice, and practice need focus and patience. So much passed through the lanes and by lanes of time there was a vigorous churning of world social and political systems the quest for change initiated from Tunisia and then spread like fire in Arab world and elsewhere is right now at its pinnacle in Turkey and Brazil, the earlier uprisings went to hindsight but not extinguished and provoked the various political establishments to check out various reform options which could address the various issues which were at the helm of these uprisings but this sequence of events made me reach a conclusion that establishments yield but not by freewill rather they have to be continuously pushed to the levels of desperation to make them do so. A crucial event which took place in India was anointing of
Narendra Modi to lead BJP in 2014 General Elections and later sequence of events culminated in the much anticipated break up of BJP and JDU. My views on Modi resonate the views of JDU but on a different plane Modi has proven himself a good leader and good manager he effectively promoted himself and Gujrat as a brand and he did some good work too but he knows that good work is not sufficient it needs to be promoted exponentially through various channels to make people take notice of it. Other than that he will surely make this country more effectively governed, but his persona and demeanor are prejudiced, totalitarian and polarizing, I also doubt his very idea of inclusiveness, value of human life, human dignity and much has seen in the very experiment through which he established himself in Gujrat.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The instability sired by anti corruption movement is not settling down, politics has become a hotpot of scams, every day I wake up to hear two or three scams surfacing in politico-corporate arena, they have become popcorns as one sprouts every now and then.
If we look at density and intensity of scams and misappropriations there has never been a more fertile moment. Out of sudden whole system has become like an edifice where windows which were closed for decades have been broken by a wind, and everyone can now peep inside and point out anomalies. I wonder if politicians are any less surprised than us the shocks they are facing everyday on their credibility as a class and on their personal image are disparaging, but to my wonder they don’t seem that worried, probably they have come in a mode of defiant confrontation where they want to clear that things will move the way they are, better you people learn to accept them. Neither are they much worried about their electoral prospects as they know they will never face a situation where people will be able to exercise a better option as the whole political system is homogeneous with some anomalies whom we called public oriented politicians.
                                                                             Politics cant be seen in disconnect from society, but true democracy will always be a dream watching the crony capitalism and class divide which eludes its prospects, even their can be debate on whether a complete democracy will be workable as conundrum of so many voices will lead to indecisiveness but if wisdom can be instilled in participants their can be a ray of hope, as for now the democracy we are living in is in its most rudimentary form, democracy cant be improved upside down, neither can it totally depend on nourishing and treating roots, like plants it’s a two way process prune unwanted stems which are dead and ill and provide space for air light for proper growth, spray for pest control and in the roots provide more manure and loose the mud for aeration, similarly our socio-political system needs two way treatment to put the democracy in order.
                                                                                                    Democracy is not an end but a process that keeps refining itself toward greater inclusiveness and this inclusiveness only brings meaning if the participation is a informed one, in that case more a democracy perpetuates more speedily it includes the participants at required level, another view under study is that whether majority opinion is always right, or is it the perquisite of democracy to act as per majority opinion, as majority interest is not always concordant but perhaps that onus for error of judgment will lie on people.
Democracy is also a stage for continuous debate amongst various stakeholders. We have seen how confronting interests often evade unanimity like what happened in Cauvery water dispute which repeatedly comes out of box in dry periods between tamilnadu and karnataka and how politicians overplay the sentiments of people is nothing new. There comes the issue of federalism, how federalism has evolved with states carved on linguistic basis, how regional discrepancies have entered in , how national perspective has often been evaded, why regional issues are so disconnected with regional issues and why these issues are not being properly addressed by constitutional mechanism, why  the local leadership became so defiant to the decisions of central government, the tags of parties should be left once the governments choose to represent the nation, this is where the govt has failed to induce a national trust on their neutrality.